American Express Personal Loan

American Express Personal Loan

The American Express personal loan offer is the best to settle on among multiple low-rate personal loan offers. It can be your smartest choice for consolidating debt without any prepayment fees. However, you must own an AmEx credit card to request a personal loan. American Express offers personal loans in the range of $3500- $25000 which can be repaid in 12, 24, or 36 months.

This blog post covers some insights into the American Express Personal loans. Read on to know more about the payment flexibility and other special features of American Express loans.

Eligibility Criteria of American Express Loans

American Express loans are the best for borrowers who

  • Want quick access to funds.
  • Are existing American Express credit cardholders.
  • Want consolidation for credit card debt.

Positives of American Express Loan

American Express personal loans offer the best advantage to the pre-approved AmEx cardholders. In addition, AmEx will deposit the loan in your account within two days of signing the loan agreement.

No Origination or Prepayment Fee

The best feature is you get the loan without paying any origination or prepayment fees. Although a prepayment fee is rare when it comes to personal loans, lenders do demand origination fees.

Soft Credit Check

American Express doesn’t go for a hard credit check at any point during the pre-approval session. On the other hand, other competitor lenders conduct hard credit checks during the application process, which can be bad for your credit score.

Tools for Credit Monitoring

AmEx gives free access to free access to the company’s credit guide to tracking their credits. This guide will keep you updated with your TransUnion credit report and provides suggestions about improving your credit score.

Easy Debt Consolidation

Like other well-known lenders, the AmEx lender will send cash to up to four credit cards, allowing you to consolidate debt effortlessly. But you can’t include your AmEx cards in the loan consolidation.

Fast Decision and Funding

The pre-approval procedure is quite speedy, with American Express claiming that a decision is made in a matter of seconds. After the application process, you’ll have almost 3-4 days to review and sign for agreement. Then within 3-5 business days, the loan amount will be directly deposited to your bank account or your creditors.

Negatives of American Express

American Express offers personal loans with competitive rates at significantly fewer fees for existing credit cardholders. However, the following are some points at American Express fall short.

Fine on late fee

If you fail to make a payment on time, AmEx imposes a $39 penalty. However, contrary to AmEx, many lenders also offer the grace period facility to borrowers, which is beneficial on the borrowers’ end.

Only Pre-Approved Cardholders Are Eligible

While reviewing your application, lenders look for at least nine months of account history, credit card history, and current financial profile. Accordingly, your creditworthiness determines the approval of your application. Another great alternative is Cerulean Credit Card.

No APR discount for autopay

AmEx does not offer APR for setting up autopay. Unlike AmEx, its competitors usually provide 0.25 to 0.5 percentage points as discounts that help borrowers make on-time payments.

Plenty of Restrictions

Remember, you may only have one personal loan for a business at a time. You can’t apply for another AmEx loan if you have not repaid the previous one. Also, they imposed many restrictions on the utility of the loan. For example, suppose you applied for a loan for a wedding or to consolidate credit card debt. In that case, you can’t use this loan to fund any post-secondary education expenses, real estate purchase, business cost, or vehicle purchase.

No flexibility to change your payment date

According to lenders, there is no way back if your payment date comes; you have to pay it on that exact date. Consequently, there is no way around it if you did not manage to pay your installment on your payday.

How To Apply and Qualify for American Express Personal Loan

For an eligible existing American Express cardholder, it’s like a walk in the garden to apply for pre-approval directly through your online account. First, you have to log in to your AmEx account to answer a few questions as a formality. After that practice, you would receive a decision right away.

The AmEx personal loan application will ask for the following details.

  • Loan amount
  • Desired payment duration
  • The purpose of a personal loan
  • Your Income

There is a brief time limit to sign the personal loan agreement after approval. And if due to some reason, you miss this deadline, AmEx will withdraw your application, and you can’t reapply for the next 60 days.

For eligibility, they mention that you must be a pre-approved cardholder. In other words, the fulfillment of your loan application depends on your creditworthiness and other factors. Keep it clear that you’ll have to fill a complete application to confirm if you’ll receive a loan offer after pre-approval.

American Express Loan: Key Points

  • No hard credit checks
  • No prepayment fees
  • Fine on late deposits
  • Lacks refinancing options
  • Provides financial education
  • No flexibility for payments dates
  • No rate discount for autopay
  •  Direct payment for easy debt consolidation loans.
  • Low APRs
  • Offers multiple customer contact channel
  • Provides financial education.

Final Words

If you’re an existing AmEx credit card holder and looking for a personal loan between $3500-$2500, then you must check for an AmEx personal loan offer before knocking at other doors. You may receive pre-approval without affecting your credit score, and your loan might be approved in seconds.

Nevertheless, this personal loan offered by American Express isn’t customer-friendly and flexible at all. There are many restrictions, such as you can’t apply with someone else, changing the payment due date, or refinancing later. Consider these restrictions before applying for AmEx personal loan. In addition, they are not offering customer-friendly features such as no minimum score listed on the website. However, not everyone is eligible for the lowest APR and significant loan amount.

What Is the Cerulean Credit Card

What Is the Cerulean Credit Card?

If you are tired of credit card issues, we have a better option for you. Cerulean Master Card is for you with all the ultimate best options and facilities. Continental Finance, a firm created in 2005 to assist people with weak credit, provides it. Another advantage of Cerulean Mastercard is that it is accepted throughout the world; so, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Moreover, its credit limit is relatively minimal, and the APR of 25.9% is downright punitive. To prevent incurring interest, you should pay off the sum every month. However, the primary purpose of obtaining a beginning credit card is to establish credit and qualify for a better card. That is the same as what the Cerulean Credit Card is intended to achieve. This article will provide complete information regarding Cerulean Card. Read on to get informed about Cerulean Card review in 2021.

How Does the Cerulean Credit Card Work?

Previously, the Cerulean Credit Card was only accessible via an invitation to pre-approved persons. Until or unless you get an acceptance letter in the mail, you cannot apply for this card. Now that applications are available to the general public, all you need is to fill out a form and answer some questions about your monthly income and credit history.

As with many credit cards, there is an annual charge — in this case, $99, which is relatively cheap. There are no points, but you find them on any other card in this category. Instead, you’ll receive benefits such as free credit reports, which might help you qualify for a better card.

Key characteristics of Cerulean Mastercard

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and characteristics of the Cerulean Mastercard.

Initial Credit Range from $300 to $1,000

The Cerulean Mastercard has an initial credit limit of $300 to $1,000. The limit is mainly calculated by checking your income and total current credit in the bank account or any other source of money.  This card is used to pay regular monthly payments, dine out, and cover additional day-to-day costs.

Increased Potential Credit Limit

The eligibility for a credit limit increase when your credit score improves. Within six months of getting a Cerulean Mastercard, you can be eligible for improvements. Your salary and credit score will determine eligibility by the time you apply for your raise. If you are authorized, you may be able to extend your monthly limit to $2,000 if you are approved.

No Fraud Liability

The Cerulean Mastercard has no fraud responsibility. That means you’re solely responsible for purchases you’ve made. If someone takes your credit card details or hacks into your Amazon account, you will not be held accountable for their illegal charges.

Keep in note that, like with many zero liability cards, you may occasionally be required to answer a phone call to verify unexpected purchases.

Reporting to All Three Credit Bureaus

As previously stated, the central purpose of the Cerulean Credit Card is to assist you in building your credit. Continental Finance sends your status to all three leading credit agencies each month to do it as effectively as feasible.

When you fulfill your payments on time, it ensures that all credit bureaus receive on-time payments every month.

Additional Monthly Credit Score

Additionally, you can check your credit score monthly through your E-statements with this Cerulean Mastercard. For this purpose, go to their official website, create your new account, and log in to your E-statement Credit Card Account. After that, you’ll be requested to join up, so go for it.

You’ll receive your bill online rather than through the mail, and you’ll be able to view your credit score each month. There isn’t anything negative to say.

Pros of Cerulean Card:

Following are the significant pros associated with the Cerulean card.

Enhanced card limits each half a year: If you are a regular user of Cerulean Mastercard, your limit of the credit card will improve after six months that is about half a year. Whereas the Cerulean Mastercard has a maximum limit of two thousand dollars at a time.

Tremendous Acceptance value: Undoubtedly, Cerulean is one of the highly recognized and usable Mastercard worldwide, but more specifically in the US.

No Monthly Maintenance Fee: While the Cerulean card has a $99 annual fee, there appears to be no monthly maintenance price. Continental Finance asserts that it transmits cardholder activity to all three credit agencies. As a result, individuals with poor credit can improve their credit ratings by making regular, on-time payments each month.

Initial Credit Limits of $750: Cardholders are given a $750 credit limit, to begin with. While you won’t make large purchases, the credit limit is more significant than many other cards designed for poor credit.

What Is the Cerulean Credit Card

Cons of Cerulean Mastercard:

Below we have listed major cons associated with Cerulean cards.

Yearly Payments: The Cerulean Mastercard has an annual charge of $99 per year. This is pretty cheap comparing to the like of credit card for millionaire or billionaire like Amex Black.

Extra payments for additional cards: If you are an approved customer of Continental Finance and want a different card, you will have to pay ninety-nine dollars for it.

Delayed and refunded sum charges are inflated:  If you pay late, Continental finance will charge you up to forty dollars as a fine.

No inducements: There is no choice of rewards in the Cerulean Mastercard. It means that the Cerulean Mastercard is only accepted by the people who have the invitation offer; there is no way to apply if you don’t have any bid of invitation card with you.

Procedure for applying for the Cerulean Mastercard?

Getting the Cerulean Mastercard after receiving the invitation offer is so easy. How? Let’s help you here with the step-by-step process.

1. Open the Offer Webpage

First of all, open the offer webpage to enter your reservation number there. With the help of this number, you will get the credit master card application whole menu bar. Then, forgetting the application being approved, get the public sanctuary sum.

2. Fill Out the Application

If you want access to your credit card online app, enter your reserved booking number and public sanctuary sum. Continental Finance advises on their FAQ page that candidates must supply the following personal information. Then, they will ask the following questions.

  • Full name
  • Public sanctuary sum
  • Birthdate
  • Permanent Address
  • Projected and unsophisticated regular income

3. Wait for a Decision

The last step after submitting your application is to wait for Continental Finance to examine it and decide. According to Continental Finance, you can make a rapid online decision within a month if there is an emergency.

Final Words

As you can see in another creditable source from Credit Optimal, the Cerulean Mastercard is an excellent option for anybody looking to improve their credit. In addition, you can enhance your credit card with the help of 3 highly-reputed credit card agencies. However, remember it is designed to help you establish credit, not provide significant rewards. On the other hand, if your credit card has enough amount to qualify for, you will get a better option to utilize.

How Many Billionaires Are in The World

How Many Billionaires Are in The World?

Each Year in March, Forbes released its annual list of the World’s Top rich people based on the recorded net worth of their assets. However, with the wealth gap widening all the time, becoming a billionaire and maintaining that status becomes increasingly challenging.

The first list of billionaires was released in March 1987. The complete net worth of each individual in the list based on their stated assets is estimated and expressed in US dollars. These lists omit royalty and dictators whose income is due to their titles. Indeed, this ranking is an index of the wealthiest persons excluded any wealth status that cannot be estimated.

Eligibility Criteria of declaring People Billionaire?

This section will discuss the strategy Forbes adopted to compile the annual list of billionaires of the world. Forbes employs a crew of more than 50 journalists from around the globe to track the actions of the world’s wealthiest individuals, as well as the corporations or families willing to reveal their money. The people who are expected to be eligible for the lists were asked to conduct the preliminary surveys.

According to Forbes, three types of responses are often received; some persons try to inflate their wealth, some cooperate but withhold specifics, and others refuse to answer any questions. After that, business transactions are investigated, valuations of valuable assets land, residences, vehicles, artwork, etc. Finally, interviews are done to verify the data and increase the estimation of a person’s assets.

Finally, about a month before publication, holdings in a publicly-traded stock is priced to market. The current price-to-sales or price-to-earnings ratios are used to price privately held enterprises.  Sometimes a person’s actual wealth and ranking at the time of publication may vary from the status when they were listed due to fluctuations in the stock market.

How Many Billionaires Are In The World?

According to Forbes magazine, there are around 2,095 billionaires globally as of November of this year.  With 724 billionaires, the United States leads the pack, followed by China (including Hong Kong and Macao) with 698. Almost over half of people ranked as the world’s billionaires belong to the United States and China.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is at the top of the list of the world’s wealthiest people with a net worth of $177 billion. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is the next with a net worth of $151 billion. The world’s billionaires now have a combined net worth of $13.1 trillion, up from $8 trillion in 2020.

This year’s Forbes list of the world’s billionaires had 2,755 billionaires with a collective net worth of $13.1 trillion, a rise of 660 members from 2020; 86 percent of these billionaires had more money than they did the previous year.

According to the 34th annual list of Forbes featuring 2095 World’s billionaire with a total net worth of $8 trillion, there is a decline of 58 members and $700 billion from the last year. This comparison tells that 51% of these billionaires had less wealth.

When looking at the demographics of billionaires around the world in 2019, around 88% were men. Only approximately 10% of the world’s millionaires were under the age of 50. Kevin David Lehmann was the world’s youngest billionaire as of April 2021. He had 3.3 billion dollars in assets when he was 18 years old.

In 2019, the bulk of the world’s billionaires had a wealth of between one and two billion dollars. Only fifteen of them have assets valued at more than $50 billion. Around 33% of billionaires’ wealth was invested in private holdings on average. Public relations firms frequently manage billionaires’ and other high-net-worth people’s assets. We can say that 51% of these billionaires are “poorer” compared to their wealth status from the previous year.

However, thanks to investments, tax incentives, and entrepreneurial initiatives, some people have enhanced their wealth throughout the economic downturn. For example, during the financial crisis, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg amassed a combined $60 billion.

 Most Billionaires Belong to Countries?

America is at the top of the list of countries that produce billionaires. Despite the global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, China’s wealthiest individuals profited by $1.5 trillion during the epidemic. Moreover,  according to a list published in October, 257 people were added to the list from China than the previous year. This year most notable billionaire has to be TikTok stock founder – Zhang Yiming.

It’s thought that their fortunes grew due to the surge in e-commerce and gaming when the rest of the world was under siege. On the other hand, France and Canada have the fewest billionaires globally, with only 39 and 44 billionaires, respectively.

What Proportion of Global Population Is a Billionaire?

Only 0.08% of the world’s population, or 42 million people, are considered billionaires. Yet, this elite group, dubbed as the global 1%, owns 44.8% of the world’s wealth. Moreover, the net worth is often linked to the stocks of individual firms, which can be highly volatile depending on day-to-day operations or global events.

 According to the World Bank, the definition of extreme poverty is a household income per capita of $1.90 in international dollars per day. As of 2013, over 42% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa earned that amount per day, making them the poorest in the world.


For centuries, money has been the greatest attraction for people. People are never satisfied, no matter how much money and stuff they have. If they have millions, they want billions. Despite being billionaires, they are not satisfied with their accomplishments and wish to make more money. This quest for more and more continues till one’s final breath. That is true for everyone, regardless of caste, creed, community, or educational background. In reality, a man’s ambition catalyzes his life, propelling him to the pinnacle of achievement.

what is apple cash

What Is Apple Cash?

Apple Cash is a service of Apple Pay that works by Apple’s Messages app, and customers can use it for easy money transfer.

 Apple Cash is an easy and secure method to send and receive money using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. With Apple Pay, you can buy things and give and receive cash directly in Messages. In the Wallet app or Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay, you may check your Apple Cash balance on your Apple Cash card. This service allows customers under the age of 18, and they can be benefited from an accessible money transfer facility using their apple phone, tablet, or watch. This article is a detailed guide about apple cash. Read on to learn more.

How does Apple Pay Cash work?

The working of this money transfer system is through the messages app. You can conveniently send and receive money using Apple Cash or a debit card from the Wallet app. By default, when you use Apple Pay to transfer money through the Messages app, your Apple Cash card will pay first. However, you can transfer money directly from your debit card if you choose to use one.

How To Request Money Through Apple Cash?

You may make a money request by using apple cash, and the receiver can touch Pay in the Messages app. Then adjust or confirm the amount you wish to spend.

The steps for money request with Apple Cash are:

  • Go to the chat box in the messaging app with the person you want to get connected with.
  • Press the button saying Apple cash situated below the input bar
  • Click the App Store button on the left of the input box first if you don’t find the apple pay tab.
  • Enter a dollar amount and tap Request
  • Submit your request

Respond To a Request for Money

Below we have mentioned simple and easy steps to teach you how to reply to the money transfer request.

  • Follow the request, and press the play button.
  • Double-check the amount to send. Tap Pay to proceed or to adjust the amount.
  • Send payment when you confirm it using your account credentials.
  • To deny a money request, ignore the messages

How to accept a payment

If you are new to Apple cash, you are given a week to receive the money sent to your account. After agreeing to the rules, you will get cash on your Apple cash card on its own. After that, you may be requested to provide identification.

You may use the funds immediately to mail it to someone, spend it with Apple Pay, or transfer directly to your bank account or suitable debit card. If you give money to someone and they do not accept it, you have the option of canceling the payment.

Is Apple Cash safe?

The transaction cost is 1% of the amount transferred, subject to specified minimums and maximums. Apple Cash transfers are FDIC-insured since a bank processes them. Therefore, when you open an Apple Cash account, your funds are federally insured up to $250,000, like in a typical bank account.

what is apple cash

Pros of Apple Cash

Here in this section, we will tell you how apple stands out among other money transfer options.

User-Friendly: It offers an easy-to-use user interface. Your smartphone can read your fingerprints and allow you to validate the payment by clicking OK. In addition, biometric security features are more user-friendly.

Highly Compatible: Apple Pay is very flexible with significant banks and accepts all credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, among others. It offers an easy-to-use User experience.

A safer way of Money Transfer: Apple Pay reduces the possibility of your credit card information being stolen. It does not require credit card information to make payment; instead, it uses a device account number, making your credit information safer.

Convenient Method: We always have our phones with us. As a result, we can quickly make payments using the phone.

Load Everything into A Single Location: You may use your phone to store debit, credit, loyalty, and gift cards. Loading your loyalty and gift cards into your phone wallet app is possible with the Gyft and Stocard applications.

Fast Payments: It is the quickest method of payment, and once finalized, you will receive a transaction verification notice on your phone.

Risk-free Banking: You don’t have to take your credit cards with you wherever you go, so there’s no chance of them being stolen. Although the phone may become misplaced, the find my device feature can assist in locating the device if it is stolen and used to make a payment.

Free: Credit card payments, PayPal payments, and bank transactions all incur a transaction fee. Because Apple Pay doesn’t charge a transaction fee, shops will offer products and services free of cost.

No internet connection required: Apple Pay works without using the internet. It may be used everywhere and does not incur any roaming fees.

Cons of Apple Cash:

Here in this section, we will highlight the features where apple cash falls short. Following are some cons of apple cash.

Limited Use: Apple Pay is accessible on iPhone 6 and above models and iPad 2 and higher models, with little use and acceptance. Because not all businesses accept mobile payment terminals, you must have your wallet with you when shopping.

Software Shortcomings: A software release flaw can sometimes interfere with the payment gateway’s operation or cause other issues with the installed software.

Pop-up texts: An uncomfortable text message may appear on the phone’s screen when making a payment.

Technical difficulties: In some countries, payment machines have malfunctioned, resulting in payment failure.

No Online Purchasing Support: While you may use it at various retailers and purchase apps from the app store, the platform does not enable internet shopping.

Reliability: Apple Pay is only available while your iOS device is turned on. If your phone is turned off, you won’t be able to rely on it.

Adoption: Getting buyers and shops to utilize it is challenging. The customer’s iPhone device should be the latest, and shops must have NFC terminal functionality.

Costly: Some opponents believe it may result in higher fees since credit card firms may stop sharing expenses with Apple.

How To Cancel An Apple Cash Payment? 

Follow the procedures below to cancel an Apple Cash payment:

  • Then, open the chat with the person you want to get connected with.
  • Press the payment bar to access the Apple Cash card in the Wallet app
  • Press the payment under Recent Transactions, then tap it again.
  • Select Cancel Payment.

If Cancel Payment is not an option, the person you submitted the payment has already accepted it.

How to Buy TikTok Stock

How to Buy TikTok Stock

TikTok is the brainchild of ByteDance, the latest trend or the newest craze in the stock market. So TikTok stock (TTK) is something you should think about investing in.  After all, it’s a subsidiary of Chinese social media giant Bytedance. With this app, you can make short, fun videos so anyone can be a creator. This rising star has plenty of potentials, so it’s no surprise that many people wonder how to buy TikTok stock.

Introduction to TikTok 

TikTok is an advanced app where you can make, share or watch your or your closed one’s videos.  It lets you create short video clips and share them on the site, where followers and even random visitors can view them. TikTok bills itself as the “world’s premier destination for short-form mobile video” and a platform that “inspires creativity and gives joy.”

The ease of use of TikTok is one of the main reasons for its popularity, especially among millennials and Gen-Z (the tech-native generation). TikTok is deceptively simple to use, and you can use the app’s many features and filters to make your content funnier and more unique.

Will you be able to buy the stock of TikTok?

Well, according to the resources, No. But, unfortunately, you can’t buy TikTok stock right now, even though it appears to be a great opportunity. ByteDance is privately developed and owned by China. Compare to Apple and Apple Cash, TikTok is one of its nine principal subsidiaries, and its stock has yet to be publicly traded.

Due to extreme excitement around ByteDance’s public listing, and investors are ready to jump on one of the most entertaining apps in the world.

Keeping in mind, you will be amazed to know that SoftBank has given the ultimate significance to ByteDance. This firm is focused on achieving a successful initial public offering (IPO) in all of its ventures.

There is no way that TikTok can be sold in the stock market. So, the investors found some other ways to earn through TikTok Global. There is a backdoor approach to obtain exposure to this hot stock.

How to Buy TikTok Stock

How to Invest in TikTok Stock

You can invest in Walmart and Oracle, two American firms that will hold 20% of TikTok Global. For example, one of the firms that own 12.5 percent shares of TikTok Global is named Oracle. On the other hand, Walmart contains 7.5 percent of the current claims of TikTok Global.

TikTok Global is valued at a minimum of $60 billion, according to analysts. However, the President of the US gave the threat to ban the TikTok app in America, and the developers made it Global. TikTok’s algorithms, according to Trump, are a threat to US national security. In addition, because ByteDance is located in China, Trump is wary of TikTok.

Oracle (ORCL), an American enterprise software company, will own 12.5% of TikTok Global, while Walmart (WMT), a retail powerhouse, will own 7.5%. TikTok Global could be based in Texas, with Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom as CEO.


Despite the app’s explosive growth and popularity, the stock may go either way. It could be a big success, making its investors extremely wealthy within a few months of the IPO, or it could be a hyped-up bust. Investing in any outcome without additional reliable data might be extremely dangerous.