What Is the Cerulean Credit Card?

What Is the Cerulean Credit Card

If you are tired of credit card issues, we have a better option for you. Cerulean Master Card is for you with all the ultimate best options and facilities. Continental Finance, a firm created in 2005 to assist people with weak credit, provides it. Another advantage of Cerulean Mastercard is that it is accepted throughout the world; so, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Moreover, its credit limit is relatively minimal, and the APR of 25.9% is downright punitive. To prevent incurring interest, you should pay off the sum every month. However, the primary purpose of obtaining a beginning credit card is to establish credit and qualify for a better card. That is the same as what the Cerulean Credit Card is intended to achieve. This article will provide complete information regarding Cerulean Card. Read on to get informed about Cerulean Card review in 2021.

How Does the Cerulean Credit Card Work?

Previously, the Cerulean Credit Card was only accessible via an invitation to pre-approved persons. Until or unless you get an acceptance letter in the mail, you cannot apply for this card. Now that applications are available to the general public, all you need is to fill out a form and answer some questions about your monthly income and credit history.

As with many credit cards, there is an annual charge — in this case, $99, which is relatively cheap. There are no points, but you find them on any other card in this category. Instead, you’ll receive benefits such as free credit reports, which might help you qualify for a better card.

Key characteristics of Cerulean Mastercard

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and characteristics of the Cerulean Mastercard.

Initial Credit Range from $300 to $1,000

The Cerulean Mastercard has an initial credit limit of $300 to $1,000. The limit is mainly calculated by checking your income and total current credit in the bank account or any other source of money.  This card is used to pay regular monthly payments, dine out, and cover additional day-to-day costs.

Increased Potential Credit Limit

The eligibility for a credit limit increase when your credit score improves. Within six months of getting a Cerulean Mastercard, you can be eligible for improvements. Your salary and credit score will determine eligibility by the time you apply for your raise. If you are authorized, you may be able to extend your monthly limit to $2,000 if you are approved.

No Fraud Liability

The Cerulean Mastercard has no fraud responsibility. That means you’re solely responsible for purchases you’ve made. If someone takes your credit card details or hacks into your Amazon account, you will not be held accountable for their illegal charges.

Keep in note that, like with many zero liability cards, you may occasionally be required to answer a phone call to verify unexpected purchases.

Reporting to All Three Credit Bureaus

As previously stated, the central purpose of the Cerulean Credit Card is to assist you in building your credit. Continental Finance sends your status to all three leading credit agencies each month to do it as effectively as feasible.

When you fulfill your payments on time, it ensures that all credit bureaus receive on-time payments every month.

Additional Monthly Credit Score

Additionally, you can check your credit score monthly through your E-statements with this Cerulean Mastercard. For this purpose, go to their official website, create your new account, and log in to your E-statement Credit Card Account. After that, you’ll be requested to join up, so go for it.

You’ll receive your bill online rather than through the mail, and you’ll be able to view your credit score each month. There isn’t anything negative to say.

Pros of Cerulean Card:

Following are the significant pros associated with the Cerulean card.

Enhanced card limits each half a year: If you are a regular user of Cerulean Mastercard, your limit of the credit card will improve after six months that is about half a year. Whereas the Cerulean Mastercard has a maximum limit of two thousand dollars at a time.

Tremendous Acceptance value: Undoubtedly, Cerulean is one of the highly recognized and usable Mastercard worldwide, but more specifically in the US.

No Monthly Maintenance Fee: While the Cerulean card has a $99 annual fee, there appears to be no monthly maintenance price. Continental Finance asserts that it transmits cardholder activity to all three credit agencies. As a result, individuals with poor credit can improve their credit ratings by making regular, on-time payments each month.

Initial Credit Limits of $750: Cardholders are given a $750 credit limit, to begin with. While you won’t make large purchases, the credit limit is more significant than many other cards designed for poor credit.

What Is the Cerulean Credit Card

Cons of Cerulean Mastercard:

Below we have listed major cons associated with Cerulean cards.

Yearly Payments: The Cerulean Mastercard has an annual charge of $99 per year. This is pretty cheap comparing to the like of credit card for millionaire or billionaire like Amex Black.

Extra payments for additional cards: If you are an approved customer of Continental Finance and want a different card, you will have to pay ninety-nine dollars for it.

Delayed and refunded sum charges are inflated:  If you pay late, Continental finance will charge you up to forty dollars as a fine.

No inducements: There is no choice of rewards in the Cerulean Mastercard. It means that the Cerulean Mastercard is only accepted by the people who have the invitation offer; there is no way to apply if you don’t have any bid of invitation card with you.

Procedure for applying for the Cerulean Mastercard?

Getting the Cerulean Mastercard after receiving the invitation offer is so easy. How? Let’s help you here with the step-by-step process.

1. Open the Offer Webpage

First of all, open the offer webpage to enter your reservation number there. With the help of this number, you will get the credit master card application whole menu bar. Then, forgetting the application being approved, get the public sanctuary sum.

2. Fill Out the Application

If you want access to your credit card online app, enter your reserved booking number and public sanctuary sum. Continental Finance advises on their FAQ page that candidates must supply the following personal information. Then, they will ask the following questions.

  • Full name
  • Public sanctuary sum
  • Birthdate
  • Permanent Address
  • Projected and unsophisticated regular income

3. Wait for a Decision

The last step after submitting your application is to wait for Continental Finance to examine it and decide. According to Continental Finance, you can make a rapid online decision within a month if there is an emergency.

Final Words

As you can see in another creditable source from Credit Optimal, the Cerulean Mastercard is an excellent option for anybody looking to improve their credit. In addition, you can enhance your credit card with the help of 3 highly-reputed credit card agencies. However, remember it is designed to help you establish credit, not provide significant rewards. On the other hand, if your credit card has enough amount to qualify for, you will get a better option to utilize.